Vossberg Aero Index

Vossberg Aero Index

Introducing the Vossberg Aero Index, a detailed comparison tool to help you understand the effects of dart flight shape and size.

Through thorough research, Knut Vossberg has compiled an in depth guide to how the behaviour of a thrown dart is affected by the darts flight (wings). Every flight has been tested, measured and listed on the Vossberg Aero Index, in order of VAX category.

As you can see, each flight shape has been given a VAX score between 1 and 5. A score of 1 can be found where a flight is small in size, offering little stability to the dart. A score of 5 shows the opposite, these are larger flights, offering greater stability.

For more info, please feel free to browse the PDF below, provided by Darts1.de.



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