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Mission Force 90 Integrated Flight / Shaft

Mission Force 90 Integrated Flight / Shaft

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Mission Force 90- New Moulded Flight & Shaft System

Feel the force of the Mission Force 90 – a fully integrated flight and shaft system! Made from high quality and durable materials, the Force 90 will keep a perfect 90-degree angle between the flight’s fins during play, providing players with a consistent flight trajectory every time. The Force 90 is at the high end of durability and strength with these flights made from high grade composite material, giving every player the peace of mind of having a consistent performance with every throw. The flights on the Force 90 includes smooth edges to help reduce deflections during play and makes them slice through the air to promote a truer and more precise trajectory. Available in three different shapes (No. 2, No. 6 and slim) and each in three lengths (short, tweenie and medium) to cater for the preferences of all players.

Each pack contains 3 Shafts. Thread: 2ba

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