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Target Crux 01 Steel Tip Darts

Target Crux 01 Steel Tip Darts

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Target Crux 01 Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Darts

Engineered for the perfect balance and performance, the CRUX darts range features a range of grip profiles to suit newcomers, enthusiasts, and professionals to reach new heights.

The CRUX 01 features a 90% Tungsten straight barrel with radial grooves for optimum grip for peak precision and performance with a natural finish for a timeless look.

Included with each CRUX 01 are short Pro Grip shafts, 26mm Swiss Points, CRUX edition flights, and a Swiss Point Tool.

22 grams - 51mm in length, 6.4mm diameter,
23 grams - 51mm in length, 6.5mm diameter,
24 grams - 51mm in length, 6.6mm diameter.

3 x CRUX 01 Barrels
3 x 26mm Swiss Points
3 x Short Pro Grip shafts
3 x CRUX Edition Flights
1 x Swiss Point Tool

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