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One80 Dragon Steel Tip Darts - 20-22-24 & 26 grams

One80 Dragon Steel Tip Darts - 20-22-24 & 26 grams

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One80 Dragon Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Darts

VHD - Very high density tungsten, handmade, extra thin barrels. Match weighted

This profile is designed for a reverse grip in which the dart lays on the backward pointing thumb. The fine rings give a consistent firm grip over the whole length, without hindering release. The wider rings at the front provide the middle or fourth fingers with orientation without any pressure needed.

20g - 51.7mm in length, 5.65mm diameter.
22g - 56.5mm in length, 5.65mm diameter.
24g - 53.1mm in length. 6.35mm diameter.
26g - 56.0mm in length, 6.35mm diameter.

Includes 2 sets of One80 Vice shafts and 1 set of One80 Dragon flights


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