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Target Bolide Void 05 Steel Tip Darts

Target Bolide Void 05 Steel Tip Darts

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Target Bolide Void 05 Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Darts

A revolutionary dart set designed for ultimate precision and performance. The Bolide Void 05 SP has been crafted with unparalleled expertise and innovation promising to elevate your game to new heights.

Featuring a stunning black titanium coating for an extra layer of durability and enhanced aesthetic, the sandblasted radial grooves grip allows for greater control giving you the confidence to throw with pinpoint accuracy. Engineered for precision, the 90% tungsten barrels are complemented with the popular Pro Grip shafts and Bolide Void edition No.6 flights, and finished with Target's patented 26mm black Swiss Points for a completely interchangeable dart.

22 grams - 44mm in length, 7.5mm diameter,
24 grams - 44mm in length, 7.85mm diameter,
26 grams - 47.4mm in length, 7.85mm diameter.

3 x Bolide Void 05 Dart Barrels
3 x 26mm Swiss Points - Black
3 x Short Pro Grip - Yellow
3 x Bolide Void Pro.Ultra No.6 Flights
1 x Swiss Point Tool

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