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Target Cult Envy 03 Steel Tip Darts

Target Cult Envy 03 Steel Tip Darts

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Target Cult Envy 03 Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Darts

Crafted with unparalleled expertise, the Cult Envy 03 SP has been designed to elevate your game with a luxurious 90% tungsten profile.

The Elysian-inspired grip features a distinctive black and gold performance coating containing a number of cells throughout for a strong yet subtle grip texture. The stunning engineered barrels flow into the high performance Pro Grip EVO shafts finished with flights that feature accents of deep green for a truly special look for a complete dart inspired by a luxury lifestyle aesthetic. The straight barrels are completed with gold Swiss Points, Target's patented interchangeable points for a truly customisable dart.

22 grams - 51mm in length, 6.6mm diameter,
24 grams - 51mm in length, 6.9mm diameter,
26 grams - 51mm in length, 7.2mm diameter.

3 x Cult Envy 03 Dart Barrels
3 x 26mm Swiss Points - Gold
3 x Pro Grip Evo Shafts
3 x Cult Envy Pro.Ultra No.6 Flights
1 x Swiss Point Tool

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