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Target Pro-Grip TAG Darts Shafts (Pack of 3)

Target Pro-Grip TAG Darts Shafts (Pack of 3)

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Introducing the Pro Grip TAG Shafts, crafted by using a special moulding process to create a quality grip for a seamless lead-in. Ensuring exceptional flight gripping strength and minimising the risk of fallouts, providing you with consistent dart play. Manufactured using a resilient nylon compound, the Pro Grip Tag Shaft offers durability for intense gameplay.

The shafts incorporate a handy nib by the shaft petals which facilitates easy flight insertion for your dart sets, streamlining your setup process. The Pro Grip Tag Shafts include a pro grip ring, for added flight grip. The precision moulded 2BA thread ensures that the shaft is compatible with all 2BA thread barrels.

Choose from a variety of five distinct colour profiles to match your darts or add a pop of colour to your setup. Additionally, choose from three different lengths: short, intermediate and medium, allowing you to customise and find the ideal dart setup for optimal performance.

Each pack contains 3 Sets - (9 shafts) - Thread: 2ba

(please note, quoted sizes exclude thread)

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