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Target Scott Williams Black Steel Tip Darts

Target Scott Williams Black Steel Tip Darts

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Target Scott Williams Black Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Darts

Introducing the Scott Williams Black Steel Tip Dart Set, a player edition dart set designed in collaboration with Scott Williams, AKA “Shaggy”. The 90% Tungsten Barrel is meticulously crafted for the perfect balance between weight and slimness, enhancing accuracy and dart control.

The front-loaded "torpedo" shaped barrel undergoes precision milling and is coated with black titanium nitride for both style and durability, providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. Radial groove cuts along the barrel offer exceptional dart play control and an enhanced grip. The unique shape allows for a dynamic and aggressive throw, with forward weight distribution ensuring maximum consistency in each throw.

The 26mm Black Swiss Point adds innovation with its patented locking system, enabling effortless switching of dart points. Taper and thread technology secure the points in place, offering stability and precision during play.

The Pro Grip Shaft, in vibrant yellow, is specially moulded for seamless lead-in and provides excellent flight gripping strength, minimizing fallouts. Crafted from a durable nylon compound, the shaft also features a nib by the shaft petals for easy flight insertion. Completing the set are the Pro.Ultra No.2 Flights, designed in conjunction with the darts range. These flights, with a spot UV print for enhanced flight-to-shaft grip, are made from 100-micron material for exceptional durability, catering to all players and dart play styles.

25 grams - 43.5mm in length, 8.4mm diameter,

3 x Scott Williams Black Dart Barrels
3 x 26mm Swiss Points
3 x Short Pro Grip Tag Dart Shafts in Yellow
3 x Scott Williams Black Edition No.2 Dart Flights
1 x Swiss Point Tool

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